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What You Came To Do

Posted on January 7, 2023 at 4:00 PM

What you came to do

07 January 2023


Keep Fighting

Don’t Quit

Conquer it


Let’s roll,

Survive that commercial gym madness. Come armed and load with a plan.The point is to remain faithful to whatever you came to do. So whatever productivity system, or gym journal, app or paper you use come prepared. We must stay specific on what we have to do and achieve, this is no fly by the seat of your sweatpants endeavor. You are on point and on purpose, as you eye the next piece of gym equipment you need to use.

Your schedule is tight and the equipment circle people, are on the prowl. They are those beautiful souls, who haven’t decided exactly what they want to do. So they hover, circle and circle as they try to make up their mind, which is fine but you are running out of time and they are honing in on the equipment you need. Come prepared and give those that circle a break. We all had to start somewhere.

Never sweat that which you cannot control, but be specific with that which you can control. Your internal environment, that wondrous mind of yours, must always be primed for success.

envision and then create

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Categories: Journal Entry