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Just Like Before Only Better

Posted on January 16, 2023 at 4:00 PM

Just Like Before Only Better

16 January 2023


Keep Fighting

Don’t Quit

Conquer it


bounce on it,

Replicating those good results you achieve before is a good thing…until you realize, that you want to do better. I find myself at that juncture. I want to do just like before only better. I was designed to stretch myself, make full use of the opportunity. This is not a season to let ourselves down or stagnate. Feel free to jump on this gym wagon because it is time to up the game.

I say bounce on it, don’t stop until the results are what you desire, whether that is improving your strength, running, cycling levels etc. Or may be you are new to the lifestyle and you going from clueless to 5k or summoning up the courage to do your first weight training session. It doesn’t matter what the endeavor just strive to be better than before.

Getting what you want

one training session

at a time.

Tammie-Maria Allen©


Categories: Journal Entry