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Day 9 Go Big

Posted on July 12, 2022 at 4:00 AM

It’s just my opinion                              but 

I Want To Go Big.

Life is so much bigger than binge watching the latest distraction from purpose. It’s bigger than crowd approval if it doesn’t have your internal all is well with your soul approval. Large thanunevenly chocked relationships and situationships. Life is a beautiful complexity of wonder,

a harsh cruel reality intermingled with profound love and intense hate. Life is the provocative aroma of desire and the disdainful taste of cursed bitterness. Life is the ballroom whereevil, deep dark sinister and good brilliant, bright, tango in an intense dress rehearsal. Life allows you to escape in a fantasy of your own making or embrace the unyielding truth of it all. Life is even bigger than designing you best physique and having excellent health, after all we areall only one moment away from whatever life decides to bring with or without our permission.


That is why I have decided to go big. Transferring personal problems into personal power has become a priority. I do not want to ignore the purpose that was birth from the pain. I don’t believe that aging necessarily makes you wiser. It could just make you old with negative

habits and methods that are deep rooted and destructive. Youth doesn’t mean you clueless andunanchored in purpose. It could mean you are just beginning something that is going to bepowerful and awesome.


Tammie-Maria Allen ©2022


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